Aspiring for a growth in income? You’re probably here for one of three reasons:
1. You’ve been tasked to raise a one-off significant sum
2. Your concerned that your current fundraising isn’t doing as well as you had expected
3. You haven’t done fundraising before and want to jump start the competition

The Giving Business have helped many charities start or jump ahead of the fundraising game. We have the skills and experience to ensure that you don’t fail at the first hurdle – be that starting from scratch, launching a capital appeal for multi-millions or enhancing your existing operation.

Our approach isn’t off the shelf. Rather we work hard to understand your specific cause and environment. We identify the motivations of those already associated with you in order to maximise your fundraising appeal.

Whilst we can simply advise we can also get on and apply for funding with you, be that approaching potential major donors, writing a bid to a trust, drafting a stage bid for the Big Lottery Fund or working up a statutory tender.

We work on either a consultancy or an interim management basis and are transparent about our costs, providing you with a fixed fee quote for every piece of work you need us to undertake.

We are passionate about creating success for and with you.


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