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Our Prospects Pipeline Tool

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One struggle that smaller charities always have is an affordable tool to manage their pipeline of applications and networking approaches to stakeholders and prospects. Tools like RaisesEdge are brilliant but come with significant costs. Often Capital Appeal Consultants will need such a tool but over just a couple of years, so buying in a costly database isn’t a solution.

I’ve often used a very affordable piece of software called KISSS Contacts. For just £100 per user per year you have an excellent tool that even deals with membership administration!

Myself I have created a Microsoft  Excel Spreadsheet. Excel really is a clever tool. Filters and conditional formatting add to the software’s excellent logical formulas capability to create a very useful tool. Our spreadsheet allows you to have an easy glance over your prospect and donors list, know how much has been pledged, donated and what’s left to claim on gift aid, allows you to set next action days and identifies what a next action date has been missed. Whilst it’s not professionally developed, it has been tried and tested in the capital appeal environment and has been a very useful management tool.

Of course Excel has it’s risks. Here’s a few Do’s and Don’t’s!

The Giving Business would be very happy for you to DOWNLOAD and use the tool*. Needless to say we cannot accept any liability if you choose to use this If you have any questions about it please do EMAIL us.

If you need our help to modify the spreadsheet to your needs or to review your copy and correct any errors then of course we will also be more than happy to do that, albeit we’ll need to agree a fee.



Do’s & Do not’s

  • Grey shaded boxes = formulas = don’t mess with this cell!
  • Never insert a new line. Always copy and paste Line X ‘MASTER LINE – Do Not Delete‘. In that way you will not lose all the formulas included in a line.


* Disclaimer

We need to say that we cannot accept any liability for you or your organisation should you choose to download and use this free tool. Whilst we are confident that the file does not contain any viruses you should virus check the file for yourself before opening it on your machine. The spreadsheet has been created in Word for Mac Version 2011. In using the fie you accept full liability.